A message from our convenor 2019

belinda chhabria

Welcome to the Saint Ignatius 2019 Art Show. This year marks our 15th Art Show since it began in the year 2000. Its continued success and quality has seen the Art Show become part of the state-wide South Australian Living Artists (SALA) Festival and has been a biennial feature since 2009. The SALA Festival aims to promote and celebrate the many talented visual artists in South Australia.

To further this aim, the Saint Ignatius Art Show is more than just a fundraising opportunity, it is about connecting the school and the wider community with art. Art is not restricted by the boundaries of reality, it encourages imagination, makes us think and question and inspires us with beauty and creativity. “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life” Pablo Picasso.

Of course, the Art Show would not be possible if not for the strong commitment from the School’s leadership and the efforts of an amazing group of enthusiastic, generous and highly competent people who make up the Art Show Committee. The Committee, made up of parents and staff, devote a significant amount of their time over approximately 18 months to plan this fantastic event.

A big thank you always needs to go to the Parents and Friends Committee who collaborate closely with the Art Show Committee to provide the catering over the whole three day event as well as for their collegial approach to supporting the Art Show with volunteers and helpers.


Lastly, an enormous thank you goes to our generous sponsors who ensure that the Saint Ignatius Art Show can go ahead successfully each time.

Saint Ignatius’ College is very proud to bring you the 2019 Saint Ignatius College Art Show and hope that when you explore the exhibition you find yourself inspired, your creativity sparked and your appreciation for art nourished.


Please send us a quick email and one of the art show committee members will endeavour to answer your question/s as quickly as possible.


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