The Saint Ignatius Art Show Re-imagined

The biennial Saint Ignatius Art Show was originally scheduled for 2021, but due to COVID-19, it will now be held in August 2022. To demonstrate our commitment to the arts and to support an arts community struck hard by the pandemic, the College will host a much reduced and different style of art show in 2021, while still planning for the 2022 art show. This year during SALA 2021, the Saint Ignatius Art Show will be in two parts:

Part 1 — Miniature Works Exhibition Titled ‘Through the Wrong End of the Telescope’, this exhibition will feature miniature sized art and will be exhibited in the Junior School at Norwood. Thank you to those who entered, registrations are now closed. (Scroll down for more info)

Part 2 — Art Show Satellite Exhibitions College family businesses were invited to host an artist’s works during SALA.  Thank you to all the businesses who put their hands up to host an artist(s) this year. We have 4 locations around Norwood and Marryatville this year. (Scroll down for more info)

Belinda Chhabria

Saint Ignatius Art Show Convenor

New in 2021 art show

Miniature Works Exhibition Titled
‘Through the Wrong End of the Telescope’

The art of the miniature is centuries old and this year the Saint Ignatius Art Show is proud to present a unique exhibition of miniature art with a diverse range of 2D and 3D miniature art in the forms such as paintings, sculptures, prints, ceramics and jewellery.

2021 was meant to be an “off year” for the biennial Saint Ignatius Art Show, but in the interests of supporting of the South Australian arts community, St Ignatius’ College decided to go ahead and host an exhibition this year anyway. While the traditional Saint Ignatius Art Show will still be held in 2022, this year the College is excited to present a diverse range of art in miniature form by South Australian artists. The exhibition will also include vibrant miniature Indigenous art works produced in the APY Lands capturing the dynamic and ever-evolving nature of the Kaltjiti Arts community. 

The Miniatures Exhibition will be held each weekend in August 2021 starting on Saturday 7 August and concluding Sunday 29 August at Saint Ignatius’ College – Junior School, 62 Queen Street, Norwood.

On behalf of the Saint Ignatius Art Show Committee, we invite you to submit an application to exhibit at the 2021 Saint Ignatius Miniature Art Exhibition. Work may be in any medium, in two or three dimensions however it must meet the criteria to be a miniature. 


THE DEFINITION OF A MINIATURE, as defined by the Australian Society of Miniature Art is that the perimeter of the actual art work must not exceed 40cm. Any framing is in addition to this 40cm perimeter, not inclusive. For 3D work, the piece can not exceed 15cm in any direction.


Interested artists are asked to complete the Online Application to Exhibit Form which includes a brief description of the number and type of work/s they intend to exhibit and an indicative image/s of their work. Given that it is a miniatures exhibition, space will be available to allow for a large number of works, so artists can indicate the number of works they think they will be able to produce and deliver to Saint Ignatius College by Monday 2 August for the exhibition that will commence on Saturday 7 August. All art work submitted must be for sale.

Artist selection will be made on the basis of suitability. Selection is made by a panel of independent artists. 

Selected artists will be required to pay an Exhibiting Fee of $25 to support infrastructure costs.

The St Ignatius Art Show will take a 33% commission on all sales.


Thanks to all artists who registered for the 2021 Saint Ignatius College Miniatures Exhibition.

Successful exhibitors will be informed no later than 25 June 2021

Saint Ignatius Junior School - Miniatures Exhibition

Miniatures Exhibition
62 Queen Street Norwood

Infocus Norwood - Sally Parnis

Sally Parnis Exhibition
81 The Parade Norwood

The Physio Clinic - Sally Caston

Sally Caston Exhibition
222 Kensington Road Marryatville

Argo on the Parade - Dr Daniel Connell

Dr Daniel Connell Exhibition
212 The Parade Norwood

Norwood Green Display Centre - Sally Heinrich, Sarah Moller, Cedric Varcoe and Lorelei Medcalf

Sally Heinrich, Sarah Moller, Cedric Varcoe and Lorelei Medcalf Exhibition
100 Magill Rd Norwood

‘2021 Art Show Satellite Exhibitions’


Thank you to all the college family businesses who put their hands up to host an artist(s) this year. We have a selection of 4 satellite shows this year around Norwood and Marryatville. They are very easy to access and can be visited in one afternoon or staggered throughout the SALA month. Please support our local artists and consider an art purchase on your visit.

Sally Parnis

We see with our brain, not only our eyes. Sally investigates this proposition in paint


Venue: Infocus Financial Planners – 81 The Parade Norwood

Sally Caston

Come and enjoy Sally’s close studies of nature and landscapes through linocut prints.

Venue: The Physio Clinic – 222 Kensington Road Marryatville


Dr Daniel Connell

Inspiring and breathtaking images of country by critically acclaimed South Australian artist Dr Daniel Connell

Venue: Argo on the Parade – Parade Norwood

Sally Heinrich, Sarah Moller, Cedric Varcoe and Lorelei Medcalf

A printmaker, illustrator and two painters walked into a room…..and the room came to life!



Venue: Norwood Green Display Centre – 100 Magill Rd Norwood

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